Natalie BeverageNatalie Beverage of Florecita

1260 Winchester Way
Auburn, CA 95602
Instagram: @florecitafloral

Natalie has shared a love of flowers with her grandmother since she was a child. Natalie’s small family guides the way she runs her business. Florecita does not spray any herbicides or pesticides because her children are being raised on the same land that she grows her flowers & for her, the choice is simple: she owes it to her children & all children, to leave the Earth better than she came to it. Florecita exceeds organic standards because Natalie believes that we are all connected. Florecita also utilizes no- till methods; these methods are better for all beings; from native pollinators to the tiny organisms in the soil, and for the lovely people who frequent Florecita’s Farm Stand.

Florecita runs an Honor System Farm Stand April – October and features each season’s most magnificent blooms. Natalie loves sharing her creativity with her clients. She creates everything from curated arrangements to celebrate momentous occasions, bridal bouquets and a variety of special events. Natalie moved to Auburn when she and her husband started their family; no place has ever felt more like home. Her design aesthetic is reminiscent of her love for Auburn’s breathtaking landscape. Contact Natalie to make all of your Florecita dreams come true.