Dawn Creek Farm

Kori & Toby Hargreaves
Dawn Creek Farm

Kori and Tobi Hargreaves sit in front of a floral arch.

Photo: Paige Green/Fibershed. Floral installation: Chloris Floral

Rio Linda

Dawn Creek Farm is located in North Sacramento, and focuses on offering seasonal specialty blooms and fun foliage for local flower lovers and designers. We are a wife and husband team that moved from the Santa Cruz area to Sacramento in 2017, and after nearly a decade of farming and flowering for others we now have a chance to invest in our own land and vision! In addition to running the farm, Kori is a textile artist/teacher and an active natural dye producer for the bay area Fibershed, and Toby is a local contractor specializing in Japanese timberframe construction and custom homes.

We love the joy and life that fresh local flowers spark in people’s hearts, and want to be able to offer designers beautiful, unusual, and wild floral elements that are not currently available in the Sacramento flower scene. We incorporate low and no-till methods on our farm, and use organically certified inputs. Our farm’s small scale and ecological growing practices in turn support the building of soil structure and biodiversity, and our blooms are free of toxic chemical preservatives and pesticides common in the global flower industry—in short, we grow flowers that you can feel good burying your face in!